Playoffs Are A-Bruin

Apr 8, 2012

ALEXANDRIA, Minn.–After a loss to the Austin Bruins Friday on their own ice, the hungry Alexandria Blizzard redeemed themselves Saturday to defeat the Bruins with a 5-0 shutout.

On Friday, the Bruins attacked scoring early in the first. Taking advantage of the power-play opportunity, Blizzard defensemen Jordan Krebsbach, closed out the period tied at 1’s.

With two quick Bruin goals in the second, the Blizzard trailed 1-3 starting the third. Midway through the period Justin Moody tried to fill the gap as he scored, making it a 2-3 game.

The Blizzard would go on to lose with a final Bruin goal at the 18:15 mark to finalize a 2-4 loss.

On Saturday, the Blizzard put high school sensation Michael Bitzer between the pipes as they took home ice in what was considered to be a ‘must win’ game, before the series heads to Austin.


With 32 saves on 32 shots, Bitzer showcased he can make the grade not only at the high school level, but in the North American Hockey League as well.

As the Bruins swapped goaltenders back and forth, the Blizzard swept the ice; leading the way for a second night in a row, Krebsbach had the lone goal in the first period.

During the second the Blizzard notched two more in their belt scoring by forward Reid Sturos and Krebsbach tallied his second of the game.

To captivate the night, Craig Linegard and Seth Ronsberg added another two goals in the third to wrap up a 5-0 shutout.

The series, tied 1-1, will head to Austin for Friday and Saturday night’s match-ups as the Blizzard face-off against the Bruins at 7:05 p.m. in the Riverside Arena.

If necessary Game 5 will be at the Runestone Community Center on Sunday Night (April 15th) at 7:00.