Blizzard Split Weekend

Feb 5, 2012

ALEXANDRIA, Minn.– The Alexandria Blizzard struggled with a shoot-out loss to the Bismarck Bobcats and a weekend split with a victory over the Aberdeen Wings, but a loss to the Austin Bruins.

The Blizzard traveled to the VFW Sports Center on Wednesday night to go head to head with the Bismarck Bobcats.

With no scoring in the first period it was anyone’s game going into the second. The Bobcats spoke first with a goal from Bryce Anderson at the 3:21 mark and a second goal from Donald Olivieri at the 7:17 mark to lead the Blizzard 2-0.

Defenseman, Craig Lindegard, on a breakaway scored short-handedly for the Blizzard to close out the second period trailing the Bobcats 1-2.

Seth Ronsberg tied up the score with a power-play goal and sent the game into overtime. With no scoring in overtime it would come down to a shoot-out. The Bobcats would defeat the Blizzard in a 3-2 shoot-out a 3-2 win.

On Friday, the Blizzard hosted the Aberdeen Wings in the Runestone Community Center. The Wings would strike first with a goal at the 9:17 mark from Oliver Widding-Persson.

Defenseman, Charlie Aus, off a power-play opportunity scored the first goal of the night for the Blizzard. A minute later, forward Joe Mottiqua, would gain a second lead for the Wings to close out the first period.

Short-handed, Nick Decenzo, scored the sole goal of the second period to tie up the game 2-2.

In the third, the Blizzard would strike early twice with goals from Justin Moody and Hayden Trupp. Kevin Becker tried to rescue the Wings with a goal at the 18:26 mark to make it a one goal game. With Wings goaltender Marcus Zelzer pulled, Hayden Trupp would secure a 5-3 victory with his second goal of the night.

In Austin, the Bruins attacked early with a :29 goal from Jeremy Finger. To the Blizzard defense, Craig Lindegard scored at the 6:25 mark. In the back and forth fashion John Kirby got another one past Blizzard goaltender Jameson Shortreed. The Blizzard looked to captain Thomas Williams who scored at the 18:04 mark to tie up the game 2-2 going into the second period.

Jonathan Gehrt would take advantage of a power-play opportunity scoring the sole goal in the second period to take a Bruin lead over the Blizzard 3-2.

With the momentum on their side, the Bruins would take over the third period with goals from Jeremy Finger and Matt Hansen within four minutes of play. Aidan Cavallini tried to fill the gap with a goal at the 17:03 mark. However, with an extra attacker, the Wings would secure a 6-3 victory over the Blizzard with the final goal from Colton Kramer.


By: Kaylee Kulich